Extraordinary Decisions is about being free to do whatever you want to do. I hope my work encourages women to explore new places and be confident in doing so. There is a world of opportunity and pathways to find and create yourself.

Modern photography as we see it, has changed dramatically, on our feeds, through our phones, and on our screen. We are in the era of the ‘click and share’ aesthetic. Many interesting images come to us down the digital pipeline. It would be a mistake to say that this is what photography is about.

Critical chatter that frets over the viability of photography as an art form is seemingly challenged by the inexhaustible stream from our smart phones and social media. Regardless of the changing times find ourselves in today, my opinion of the photographic medium remains relevant and worthy of its own exhibition in the art world.            

Extraordinary Decisions is a narrative of a woman’s journey destined to make her own path.

-Markelle Palombo, 2015